Our mission: To support, enable and inspire everyone in our communities to Live Young, Live Life!

pycf summary plan 2022-2023

Our objects/aims are 


To continue to provide a location for the Wareham Youth Club and other community users 

To provide education, activities and fun, support and advisory services to young people in a safe location that promotes their safety, wellbeing and participation in their local community

 • To develop the use of the location such that it is used to its maximum potential.

We will maintain our Charitable Incorporated Organisation status, subscription with DYA and annually review the standards we need to meet; this includes Trustees meeting Charity Commission Guidance and NYA guidance.
Our plan will be to promote being a Family hub while still supporting services to young people and adapt to any guidance on managing risks.

We will publicise our sessions on Facebook, Instagram, and our website.


For young people we will


Enable young people’s emotional wellbeing and resilience by running some open access youth club sessions in Wareham, Wool and Corfe, in and outside buildings and some holiday and lunchtimes in Wareham. 

Our mobile vehicle will be going out to people in various locations.

 We will Walk and Talk and meet young people one to one in some schools. Some meetings may be online. We will work in partnership with D of E, Dorset Mind, Reach, #willdoes, Planet Purbeck and stakeholders from schools, Councils, Business, Police and Health etc, and Community. 

We will promote diversity and young people’s participation – being part of a cohesive community, acknowledging young people are the future. We will provide emotional, relationship and sexual health support, training, keeping safe and when needed seek additional help for those at significant risk of harm.

For the wider community we will 


Run a breakfast group each term for professionals working with young people and families. 

Provide and rent suitable rooms when appropriate. 

Keep updating the garden area. 

Offer opportunities for Not so Youth AND Purbeck Gateway club for adults to keep in contact and prevent isolation. 

Develop more for adults, We will join with others to develop a family hub.

Raising funds


We will raise funds through one-to-one work, bids and creative fundraising. Provide value for money and keep stakeholders updated. Store and use information appropriately using our Groop recording system.

For staff and volunteers 


Recruitment will remain a thorough process with all relevant checks. We will enable training and support.


  • Terry Lewis Chair,
  • Mark Lapper Treasurer,
  • Joyce Spiller,
  • Beryl Ezzard

Youth & Community Manager:  Mia Murray (as of 1/9/2022)

pycf has been in contact with over 800 young people last year.

We are running youth clubs including 4 sessions in Wool, 2 sessions in Corfe and 6 sessions in Wareham. 

Outreach Sessions in Wareham,  Wool, Swanage and Upton

  • D OF Group meets fortnightly
  • Not so Youth Group weekly
  • Women’s group weekly
  • Purbeck Gateway club weekly
  • Dorset Mind Counsellor to be rearranged
  • Ran a young carer’s surfing residential in Cornwall and support some other activities
  • Work in schools
  • We are on the Dorset Council providers lists for Dorset Families Matter, and HAF holiday provision.
  • Young people tell us they feel safe and have a chance to talk to youth workers
  • Youth workers support young people’s wellbeing

Feedback from young people


1.   “Reflecting, I strongly believe that the opportunities, support and mentorship that I was given during my time at PYCF was fundamental to my success as a successful and contributing member of community today. To be fully prepared to enter the adult world after school is something that should be approached with many different factors in mind, and I feel nearly every one of my needs were met by this extremely talented and dedicated team. 

Although youth work may not be seen as an educational setting, in my opinion, it is a place to teach some of the most important lessons and offer support through transitions which a young person may otherwise not receive. The role of a youth worker is to support, encourage, and teach independence and readiness for the transition into the adult world, and I would definitely state the PYCF are going above and beyond these roles for their young people.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to every single member of the team, and the board, and anyone who is supporting PYCF behind the scenes, for helping me to achieve my potential and provide me with all the knowledge, support, and opportunity to get through some of the hardest years of my life and come out the other side stronger.”

2.  “I just want to thank you again for everything you have done for me and although I struggled to deal with it at times I appreciate all the effort you’ve made to help me.”

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