Our mission: To support, enable and inspire everyone in our communities to Live Young, Live Life!

One to One Support

What we offer

The PYCF offers one to one tailored support sessions with young people, headed by highly experienced, qualified youth workers.

We offer young people an opportunity to contact each other regularly in a generic youth club setting.

We also have rooms to hire in a young person friendly setting includes a quiet chill/counselling room, a large activity hall, and an education room with an interactive white board. 

Our aims

  • Keeping safe & secure in the modern world
  • Skilled and equipped to learn and earn
  • Positive health and wellbeing
  • Happy and confident in their future
  • Active in their communities and civil society
  • Democratic engagement & their views respected

To achieve this we offer support in self awareness and emotional intelligence, social and communication skills, problem solving, increased confidence, informed attitude to risk, opportunity to engage in positive activities, empathy,
improved decision making, more positive relationships, an increased sense of belonging and community cohesion, more positive about people from different backgrounds, stronger family .
Every young person is an individual and so we offer needs led support to build
on postives and offer a variety of activities in a safe place to build trust
and relationships with trusted qualified adults. We involve young people in
designing their sessions. 

Includes mentoring, advice and guidance, art, beekeeping, DJ, gardening,
homework support, restoration, football, looking at consequences of behaviour, opportunity to help others and some intergenerational activities. use of youth centre equipment. We use our centre and various community locations for secondary and primary pupils in years 5 and 6 .

Young Person
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“I did not get into trouble today in lessons because of this group”
"I honestly cannot speak highly enough of what you provide and the efficiency of the whole operation. The time spent and the activities provided are perfect. The reports provided are always prompt and informative. Any issues are quickly reported and dealt with"​
Young Person
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"Youth workers Y and Z have been a massive help in me becoming a bigger and better person .”
"Having use of the Purbeck Youth & Community Centre has enabled a young person who has been struggling with attendance in school to keep focussed on his future ”
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"Kevin and his team have provided DLC students the opportunity to work on key issues such as defiance, abusive language and threatening behaviour. They have worked with some of the most vulnerable students in Dorset and ensured that students are safe and have chance to work on issues in a calm and caring environment. The impact of these sessions has been that students are able to focus on their academic studies whilst in the centre"
Social Worker
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“You certainly seem to be making an impact with x. I think the work you do with teenagers is fantastic and I can certainly see the results.”
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